Useful travel apps

Although I don’t encourage anyone to spend much time on their phone whilst you’re out travelling the world, it can be extremely useful in given situations and can save you a lot of hassle.

Here is a list of apps that you can really benefit from during your trip.

If you can suggest anymore, please comment below.


1) Google translate
Probably the most obvious one. You can even pick up some basic language beforehand to give you a head start before arriving in each country.

air bnb

2) Accommodation apps
This includes AirBnb, Hostelworld, and so much more. You can scroll through a range of different hostels and homes with a personalised filters and all booked accommodation will appear on your app to save you fishing out confirmations on the day.


3) Flightstats
This tracks live flight details and other stats.


4) XE
Currency conversion. This is a must have for anyone travelling to multiple countries.


5) TripIt
To organise your travels and itinerary.

6) Citizen AID
This is a great app to have even if you’re not travelling. It tells you what to do in tricky situations.

7) Maps Me
This app is a LIFESAVER! I’ve saved the best until last, because this one really makes your life so much easier. It’s basically Google maps, but you can use it without wifi.


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