Perth- house horrors and food and work

Hello everyone, long time no speak! I know I haven’t written a post in a while, but I’m back in a working routine now, so things would probably get quite repetitive. I’ve decided to keep a personal travel diary, and just use my blog for more touristy experiences. But we do have a lot to catch up on!
beach one.JPGFirst of all, we have moved into a house (yayy), but we’re moving straight back out of it in two days’ time (owhh). The owner of the hostel we were staying in (whose name is Charlie and who is an absolute legend and we love him very much), has a really cheap shared house (all bills included) in Subiaco, so we’ve been staying there for the last couple of weeks.
new house.JPGCharlie did warn us that he has the papers to knock the place down, so it isn’t exactly the best place to stay. We thought we could manage living here until we leave Perth, but it’s just too depressing and we need to feel more at home. Don’t get me wrong, the bedrooms are perfect; they’re huge and have lots of storage and still have pretty photos of skylines and Thai beaches on the walls. But the kitchen has an infestation of ants and it’s one thing feeling itchy every time you go in there, but it’s something else when you pick up a saucepan to cook with and it looks like it’s MOVING because it’s so covered in ants.
bedroom.JPGThe lighting is dim and depressing, and because the bin has no lid it constantly smells like a dump. The windows don’t lock so it’s like an open invitation for the sandman to come climbing in, in the middle of the night, the bathroom is mouldy and the floor is peeling up. Getting in the shower is dreaded, and when someone who loves a boiling hot shower at the end of a long day feels that way, you know something’s not right. The cold, wet shower curtain sticks to you no matter which way you turn, and the water seems to have only two temperatures- scolding or freezing.
room TWOO.JPGMaybe we could put all of these issues aside- the ants, the mould, the neighbour that whacks out his chainsaw at five AM- if we didn’t have the WEIRDEST housemate in the history of all housemates. I don’t like being mean about people, but this guy is seriously strange. On one of our first days here, I had just got back from a long shift at work followed by a gym sesh and was looking forward to getting in and dropping my bags and relaxing.
blue sky.JPGHe was in the hallway when we got back and at this point I didn’t know how strange he was, so I politely made conversation. FIFTEEN MINUTES of forced, repetitive conversation later, he was still stood in my doorway (he didn’t take me with my back to him unpacking my bags as a hint to GET THE FUCK OUT). Long story short, he asked if I wanted to share some whiskey with him and I said I would a bit later. Anyone who knows me knows how I can’t say no to people and get too scared about hurting their feelings, so in the end I just said actually, I’ll have some whiskey now (get it out of the way).
street art.JPGWorst. Mistake. Of my Life. We sat in his dingy room drinking Canadian Club and he literally talked AT me for twenty minutes straight. I swear he didn’t breath though sentences. And the worst bit about him talking AT me, is that even sitting about three feet away from him, all I could smell was his thick, smokey, unbrushed teeth, ashtray breath in my face, so strong I couldn’t get away from it no matter which way my head turned. He had a dirty bong on the side which he’d clearly been smoking, so it explained where the stench came from. I just sat there and fake smiled my way through it, the whole time just praying for Jenny and Bilal to get back so I had an excuse to leave.
reflection sunset.JPGThen he started sitting closer and closer to me and I felt really uncomfortable and even queasy because his breath went even further up my nose. He kept tripping and stuttering and slurring over his words and was just acting like a crackhead. I know none of this really sounds that bad, but he’s indescribable. He’s one of those people you need to meet to understand exactly what I mean. And I always feel like such a bitch and genuinely guilty about feeling like this towards him, but then he’ll catch me in the house and start chewing my ear off again and not letting me go and then I’ll stop feeling bad all over again.
fire sky.JPGOne of the only good things about living here is our little Cous Cous, the neighbour’s cat that thinks it lives here. I’ve never been a cat person but she is just a fluffy, black angel. She’s double the size of my dog and purrs non-stop and loves proper snuggling up to you in bed. We wish we could bring her everywhere with us but I think the neighbour may start to worry about her whereabouts.
beach at night.JPGLuckily for us, Charlie (the landlord and the person who has saved us so much money and hassle since being in Perth), also has another place in the town centre, for only a bit more money a week, with bills still included. We went to view it the other day and when we knocked on the door some guy holding one of those red party cups opened it. They were having a full on party in the flat and we just awkwardly wove our way between people, popping our head into different rooms in the house feeling so out of place. It was the last thing we expected to see behind the door when it was answered hahaha.
selfie.JPGThis new place has a gym, a swimming pool, cosy bedrooms with nice carpet, a balcony, an open plan living room with an ACTUAL SOFA and an ACTUAL KITCHEN. You really do appreciate the small things when you’ve been deprived of them. We’ve been saying things like “Oh my god we can actually cook in the oven”, “Yay we can actually all hang out together again and watch things on a TV” and “Finally we can enjoy showering again”.
me marki ejenny.JPGIn terms of touristy things, I have some really great places to recommend to anyone travelling to Perth in the near future. Number one on the list for me would be Lord of the Fries. It’s a vegetarian and vegan fast food place, where they have vegan chicken that actually tastes like real chicken and even has the same consistency. You can get bacon and cheese burgers that look and taste like real meat burgers and hot dogs that look and taste like actual sausage hot dogs.
lordof the fries.JPGBeing a veggie for three years, it’s things like fried chicken and burgers you miss the most. So finding this place has been a dream for me. I think I’ve eaten it four times in the space of three weeks (oooops). When I came back drunk the other day I accidentally spend 50 dollars ordering two meals from there because I thought only one had gone though.
fremantle market.JPGFremantle has some amazing places to brunch. Just bare in mind that as a backpacker, you won’t be brunching much in Australia, but the price of one meal and drink is the same price as a weeks’ worth of food. But when you do treat yourself, I highly recommend the Attic or Moore & Moore. We went to Moore & Moore, a hipster place in a renovated warehouse, and as long as you ignore the pretentious hipsters there (talking about how they have discovered something even more free range than free range or even more organic than organic because organic food is just so yesterday), you’ll have a great time.
brunch one.JPG
If you’re looking for some pub grub, The Elephant and Wheelbarrow (the pub I worked one shift at) is the place for you. Me, Jenny and Bilal dragged our hungover selves there like zombies fresh out the grave to go and get a Sunday roast, and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. They have other classics like bangers and mash, curries, nachos and a full English brekkie. I didn’t get a photo cause I was too excited about food.
brunch two.JPGObviously I’m saving the best until last here, by mentioning my work- Barchetta- in Cottesloe. This may seem like I’m being biased, but honestly the food there is some of the BEST I’ve ever had and it’s reasonably priced. The pizzas are cooked from scratch and over a hot flame, the wine is all local and Australian, and the fries and calamari- I don’t even have words for.
pizza at work.JPGI really feel like I have hit the jackpot with getting a job there. All the staff are so, so lovely and amazing to work with. Usually at jobs you’ll have a few people that work their ass off and a few that slack and end up getting paid the same for making half the effort, but at Barchetta everyone works just as hard as each other and we all seem to bounce well off of each other. Everyone has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and make sure I don’t feel like a nuisance asking any questions.
sunset two.JPGIt’s really a backpackers dream working there. Every night there is a stunning, photoshop-like sunset, so unique and different to the sunset from the previous night. I have seen whales twice since being there and dolphins three times. The locals are all lovely and I get a discount on the food. Despite being a backpacker, I’ve been given such a good amount of hours, and they’re so fair with giving weekend days off and other requested days off. I’m really happy there and actually look forward to going to work.
sunset.JPGI really feel like the universe has given me back what I deserve, for working so hard to get a job as soon as I got to Oz. I’ve said for so long that I’d just love a job working on the beach in a restaurant or café, and that’s exactly what I’ve got much and so much more. I know in years to come I will look back at my time working there and be like wow, how lucky was I.
meand markie on.JPGMarkie (Frankie) has been here with me the last few days and it has been perfection. As soon as we were back together again, it was as if we’d never just spent a whole year apart. Sitting in my new room eating Dominoes and catching up on life, it was as if we were just sat back in my old house in Kingston, smoking rollies in the conservatory and worrying about stupid things like money and boys.
markie face.PNG
markie beer.JPGA lot has changed since those days and it’s crazy how much I can feel both me and him have developed as people in such a short space of time, whilst still acting and being the same as we always have been (making weird noises and laughing at farts and generally just acting like children). Lets not forget to mention that our appetites clearly have not changed; in the space of four days we ate a McDonalds, Lord of the Fries, Dominoes (twice) and a meal at my work, on top of lots of caramel- related stuff.
me and markie dark.JPGOn the days he was here, we had a nice day exploring Fremantle and the market and then went to my work for some beers and food. We drank red wine and watched Ja’mie and Markie did his usual cracking me up and getting his words mixed up (he pronounced Memes as ‘meemees’ and trio as ‘try-oh’). And now my little birdie has departed the nest once again to start his road trip up to Broome then Darwin. Seeing him go like that has really motivated me to get my head down and start saving and stop wasting money on stupid things (Lord of the fries takeaway damn you), so that we can do our road trip too. We will do this!
all of us at work.JPGDespite going into Spring now, the city of Perth and its surrounding suburbs still seem sleepy and peaceful, where time goes slower than it does anywhere else. I’m loving being back in a routine, getting down the gym and knowing that each day is a day closer until my next big adventure. I’M DOING A SKYDIVE ON THURSDAY AHHHHH!! So I will be uploading another post, along with photos and a video, when that is done, so keep a look out for it if you don’t want to miss seeing my cheeks flapping in the wind (or me shitting myself on camera).

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