Day 3

Today we had our first bad day- only 3 days into our travels! But I guess it’s best to get that out of the way and we’ve ended things on a high!

It started at 5am-6am, when we were both still restless and wide awake. We laughed about it and agreed that we would still get up early to go to the Ten Thousand Buddhas monastery. 

Light rain woke us, but we weren’t going to let this ruin our plans until it turned into torrential rain and loud, angry thunder. We decided instead to book some accommodation and look into our route around the Philippines which also turned out to be a disaster.

If I go in to all the details, this will end up being a very long post. Let’s just say it took hours and hours of rubbish wifi, calling mum to the rescue, smacking our heads against walls and changing our whole plan all together, to finally get everything sorted.

All in all, if the weather hadn’t been so awful today, we would have ended up in the Philippines tomorrow panicking, not knowing where to go, and probably spending a lot more money than planned. So something positive has come out of a bad day! (Always focus on the positive)!

Take my advice- travelling is about going with the flow, BUT if you’re going to the Philippines on a tight budget with only two weeks, PLAN AHEAD! It’ll save you a lot of stress. This doesn’t mean BOOK AHEAD, because your ideas might change. Just look into different options. And please come to me personally for more info on this so I can ensure you don’t end up in the same situation!

After Mother Nature had taken a breather towards the evening and we had finally got our lives together, we headed out to Temple street’s night market to go and get some street food. The rain had cleared the humidity and things were looking up!

We wondered down Numerous little side streets decorated in vibrant lit up advertisements and signs, Chinese lanterns and flags. Crowded markets stalls sold cheap bags and tacky souvenirs, jewellery and henna tattoos. People rushed past each other like groups of ants.

We were admiring some jade stone bracelets and mini moonstone buddhas in one of the stalls. The saleswoman was externally pushy and every time we tried to leave she kept grabbing my arm and pulling me back in! At one point her hand was literally wrapped around me haha. We haggled and haggled until we came to an agreement of 70HKD (£7) for a beautiful jade stone bracelet (for luck) and mini moonstone Buddha- bargain!

We sat at a quirky little place on a corner down Temple street for some street food. Everything was made fresh and from scratch. Even the seafood came as it was caught. They gave us some small bowls and chop sticks and two huge bottles on Yanjing beer. The food was even better than it looked. Proper Rice, no grease, and an amazing seafood curry that had everything from muscles, squid and prawns. So many different flavours and for such a good price. It was easily one of the best meals I have ever eaten.

We walked back to our hostel, which now feels like home, with extremely satisfied stomachs. Now we’ve got the task of showering and re-packing our bags ready for our next adventure tomorrow- the Philippines! 

Despite the ups and downs we have had such an unforgettable three days in Hong Kong and I will 100% be coming back to do the things I didn’t get a chance to this time. Amazing city, amazing food, amazing people- Hong Kong has given me my first taste of Asia and no other place has given me an experience even close to this.

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